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Home Staging to Maximize Profits


Getting a home ready for sale requires more than putting a For Sale sign on the front lawn. Professionally “STAGING” your home can make it sell quicker and for more money.

That’s right. In a survey of 200 homes by, homes that were staged sold for 6.9 percent more money in 50 percent less time than non-staged homes.

So, how do you stage a home? First, you work with us and our accredited home stager.

After an initial consultation with home a stager asks  “what will highlight this home for potential buyers?” “what is the focal point of this home?” ‘what should stand out more?” “what should be less prominent?” It’s a way to transform a space with a few, often small and low cost changes, that have a huge impact on the salability of a home.

Staging is not decorating! The objective in staging a home for sale is to give it the broadest appeal and remove enough of the “you” in the home to let potential buyers see the “them” in the home.

Staging starts with the basics, like obvious cosmetic touchups including neutralizing paint colors, carpet cleaning, fixing loose door handles, floor and plumbing squeaks, and ventilating your home to rid it of pet and cooking smells. Then there are more specific ideas like moving large oversized pieces of furniture into storage to declutter your home making it appear bigger and packing family photos, awards, knick knacks.

While these ideas are a great place to start for most homeowners, each home staging is as individualized as the sellers and the buyers themselves and a professional home stager will showcase your home and get it ready for a quicker and more financially rewarding sale.

All homes getting ready for sale, or that are already on the market, are candidates for staging whether or not the homeowners still occupy the home.

CommonWealth Real Estate Your Way, Brodheadsville