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Needing Help with a Foreclosure

There are two very distinct sides to Foreclosure Properties.  Which ever you’re on, you need a professional local real estate agency specializing in them.

In the Poconos, that’s Commonwealth Real Estate Your Way, LLC.

We can help.

  • Are you facing foreclosure
  • Are you falling behind on your mortgage?
  • Are you afraid that you will never be able to recover?
  • Is your mortgage debt more than your home is worth?
  • Is fear gripping everything you do?

There may be something you can do to reduce your interest rate.  Or, you might even be able to sell your home and secure enough funds to pay off your mortgage debt in full.

Did you know there is tax relief for struggling homeowners?

Commonwealth Real Estate Your Way, LLC – your Pocono Foreclosure Specialists – are committed to educating sellers on tax relief provisions for Pocono homeowners looking for mortgage forgiveness, alternatives to foreclosures, or information on short sales vs. a foreclosure.

Click Here for Overview of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 and Frequently Asked Questions.

Commonwealth Real Estate Your Way, LLC,
Foreclosure Specialists

Our seasoned agents have been in business for decades and can develop a custom solution for those in the threat of foreclosure. Because our agents have completed thousands of transactions, they understand the workings and various circumstances involved in the complex world of real estate, particularly the intricacies and often emotional world, of foreclosure properties. Our team works regularly with banks and understands Congress new stimulus package and tax incentives and can guide you through the process – Your Way.

To contact Commonwealth Real Estate Your Way, LLC, and receive more information from a foreclosure specialist, click here.

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