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Are you Ready to be a Homebuyer?

The following is a checklist to review and consider if you are planning on buying a new home, a second/vacation home, or are upgrading into a dream home.

Do some financial housekeeping.

  • Ask yourself if your credit is in order
  • Are you overextended on your credit
  • Are you paying your rent or mortgage on time
  • Are there any outstanding concerns about your credit

Organize Financial Documents

  • Secure all financial documents when you apply for a loan
  • Organize documents like divorce decrees and proof of child support payment
  • Organize proof of income (W-2 wage statements, pay stubs, bank and investment, account statements)
  • Organize other financial documents (Credit card statements, Car and other loan statements)
  • Make copies of all your income tax returns

Craft a budget

These documents will help you consider what is affordable in terms of

  • Down payment
  • Monthly mortgage
  • Property taxes
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Deposits and up front costs
  • Settlement/Closing costs
  • Financial Services and Repairs

Often, there is a difference between what the maximum payment a borrower can quality for, which can sometimes be surprisingly high, and what one is comfortable with. First-time buyers, in particular, usually need help from a REALTOR to figure out the bottom line.

Let the REALTORS of Commonwealth Real Estate Your Way, LLC., help.

CommonWealth Real Estate Your Way, Brodheadsville