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Local Real Estate firm in Monroe County grows ,despite the Ecomonic Climate.

It’s been a productive year at CRE and we celebrated 1 year in business back in February. Stopping to reflect on that milestone, it occurred to me that while everyone else was panicking about a down economy, Wall Street numbers, banking and jobs, I started my real estate career in similarly struggling times. In fact it was about 30 years ago when real estate piqued my curiosity during a time when interest rates were at over 18 percent and gasoline, unemployment and foreclosures were at an all time high.

I took some simple wisdom my dad taught me and ran with it:
• No matter what is happening, it is up to you to make the most of it.
• Work hard, be honest and keep smiling.
• Be prepared for unstable times by saving for a “rainy” day.
• Pay your bills and put money into savings first and when all else is done you can spend on other things.

Many thought I was nuts getting into real estate. But then, as now, I decided to focus my efforts on the opportunities and disregard the naysayers.

Here’s what I believe to be true in real estate (and even in life)
• It does not matter what is happening in the market, what matters is what
YOU are doing.
• When times are tough, give more than 100 percent and finish what you start strongly.
• Stay motivated and have goals to grow and expand despite the challenges.
• No matter what is happening now, economic cycles changes at some point.
• There are buyers and sellers in all real estate cycles. Seek them out, understand their reasons for buying or selling and help them with what they need.
• Communicate the market to your customers. Help them understand the facts.
• Learn as much as you can about your customers and give them what they need.
• Make sure customers know you will give your best effort for them to meet their real estate goals, their way.

Let’s face it, the real estate market is like all businesses . . . it has it cycles. Sometimes things are up, sometimes down, sometimes easy, sometimes hard. Many of us at CRE have decades of experience in real estate and have worked in all cycles. Consumers need a company that remains calm and diligent in a down market, a company that is stable, has experienced agents who have been through all cycles and who are working at peak performance. Consumers want to work with a real estate business that implements innovative marketing ideas and stays current with technologies and opportunities like the latest trends in social media. Whenever a market has been considered flat or down, I’ve increase marketing efforts, unlike many other agencies that decrease their spending. During a flat market you need to reach more folks and like my dad said, you should have put something away for a rainy day to cover it!

I believe CRE is the company for today’s market and is fast becoming the people’s choice. What I know for sure is the Realtors of CRE are the top in their field, with the CRE team and management we will continue to grow no matter what the ecomonic climate is. We will finish Strong.

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