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They say ”the best predictor of the future is the past.” And in real estate, that couldn’t be truer.

According to the stats of the Pocono Mountains Association of Realtors Multi List Service (MLS), we did see a decline in sales of residential properties in Monroe Country for 2009 versus 2008. (reviewed on 12/29/09)

2009 Average Sale Price:  163,376   Total Sales: 1,556

2008 Average Sale Price:  186,760   Total Sales: 1,720

Looking back to 2005, sales of residential homes have been on the decline every year.

In 2005. total sales:  3490

2006-3118 (difference of 372)

2007 – 2348 (difference of 785 sales)

2008-1720 (difference of 623 sales)

2009-1556 (difference of 174)

So what does this mean, I believe based upon the real estate cycles I have experienced during  the last 20 plus years, 2010 will be a year of stabilization. All things do come to an end.  We will see the end of the large reduction of sales and the prices will stabilize and perhaps in mid spring, will be see a small increase.  We have seen the last of the large declines in the sale of residential homes. 

The mortgage companies have been hit pretty badly and have made financing extremely difficult even for those with excellent credit with mountains of paperwork and last minute loan declines because home appraisals and purchase prices do not match. This too shall come to an end. They will be looking for your business this year.

2010 promises to be the best year we have had seen since 2005.

If you are a renter, now is the time to buy.  With the decline in new homes being built, there will be a shortage of rentals and the monthly rents will most likely increase.  Take average of the tax credit being offered and invest in your future.

If you are a current home owner wondering when is the right time to move up.  NOW – DO IT NOW!     What you think you may lose by selling now will be gained in the new purchase as well as the tax credit being offered.

I realize you may be concerned about unemployment, the economy and the gloom-and-doom-sayers. But keep in mind, employers are going to have to hire soon to replenish their over worked employees to meet the supply and demand.  Unemployment figures in the region for November plummeted. There will continue to be bank foreclosure, but that may be to your advantage when looking at properties to purchase — let’s face it someone loss is another’s gain.

Now is the time.

Now is the time.

There is a saying in the real estate industry – “Buyers following the listing.”  If you list your home, the buyer will come.  Right now the biggest obstacle in getting the market moving is the lack of good homes for sale.  There are buyers out there, but since their choices are limited, they aren’t making offers.  If you are a home owner thinking about when is the best time to sell, the answer is right now.  By adding to the inventory of good homes, you will practically be assured of buyer interest.  The future of real estate looks promising.

 As far as the future of real estate for the Realtors at – considering we have been open for 9 months and PSI_9157have transacted more than $7 million plus in business, I’d say it looks promising too. We have experienced, dedicated, goal-oriented Realtors with a superb edge in Internet marketing and the World Wide Web. Our customers benefit from this high-level of experience. We started with an empty pipeline and are filling it up and expect to increase our numbers by 100 percent.   Combine a growing market with the Commonwealth Real Estate Your Way team and you are sure to achieve your real estate goals.

From All The Realtors at Commonwealth Real Estate Your Way, We wish you a Happy and Safe New Year.  My all your dreams come true.  Regards, Vickie Brockelman

Happy New Year, From the Realtors and Staff at Commonwealth Real Estate Your Way

Happy New Year, From the Realtors and Staff at Commonwealth Real Estate Your Way

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