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Summer Vacation Travel Tips

July 22, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Traveling away from home is a summertime dream. Don’t let your vacation turn into a nightmare. The following are some tried and true — unique and new ideas for easier summertime travel (alone or with kids) for you to consider.

For limiting stress before and while on vacation
Pack a little at a time during the entire week before the trip so you remember everything, you are not up late packing and you are not frustrated and rushed right before leaving. Pack light layers and fast drying items. Pack everyone’s clothing by outfit (full outfit) and by days in individual plastic bags using plastic bags to store dirty clothes at the end of each day.

Schedule adequate and regular sleep during vacations and plan reasonable itineraries. Doing too much in one day ends up causing more stress than it relieves.

For plane trips
Ask the airlines for bulk head seating. There’s more leg room and space for squirming children.

With babies and toddlers, arrive early and use a carriage or stroller until the last second when you step onto the plane.

Bring a backpack for each child with snacks, books, electronic games and art supplies.

For road trips
Drive opposite heavy traffic – very early in the morning or very late at night
Pack several “emergency” kits –
for first aid – bandages, anti-bacterial ointment, family prescriptions, OTC medicines from home, wet wipes and hand sanitizer.
for car first aid – jumper cables, flashlight, flares, reflectors,
for snacking – nuts, juice boxes, light sandwiches, fruit, yogurt

For better gas mileage, get a tune up, check tires and fluids before you leave, plan routes that keep you driving at a constant speed, avoid roads with lots of stops, don’t over pack your car and try not to hitch luggage to car top

Take regular breaks while driving and if you feel sleepy, pull over and rest.

Keep a snack-filled cooler (and trash bags) nearby so you don’t have to stop to reach it.

Bring a supply of travel toys and games (no small parts or messy items) in a shoe box for each child.

Play or sing traditional car games or songs. “I Spy”  the “License Plate Game,” “99 bottles of beer (or soda or milk, etc.) on the Wall”

Bring books on tape, kid’s music to sing along, or portable DVD players if you don’t have a built in DVD.

Include frequent stops at historic or fun sites along the way.

Keep your sense of humor and don’t be in a hurry, you are on vacation

For extra savings
If renting a car, rent the exact size you will need, nothing bigger. Bigger cars use more gas and have higher rental prices.

Bring your own food. Pack picnic lunches in coolers for car traveling. While at hotels, picnic breakfasts of cereal or cereal bars, grocery store lunches of buying just what you need for that meal and just what you would if you were home and pizza or take out chicken in the park at dinnertime are excellent ways to save on expensive restaurant meals. Plus, letting kids run around during an outdoor family picnic is much more fun than sitting at a restaurant dinner table.  (Have a picnic kit on hand. Include items like: paper plates, plastic utensils, can opener, blanket, napkins, utility knife, wipes)

If a long vacation is not in your budget this year, check out some ideas for a day of fun in the Poconos in our recent blog post — Stuff to do in and around the Poconos.


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  1. HOMEiA says:

    Summer travel tips to help my plan and enjoy the perfect vacation in Tennessee. Many thanks!

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