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Buyer, John Q.

Although buyers come with many different goals, needs, and desires, they do have a few things in common:

John Q. is heavily influenced by his first impression. It takes him just 15 seconds to form that initial impression; he spends the rest of the time viewing your house subconsciously reaffirming that impression — good or bad.

John Q. wants the home he is buying to be better than the home he is leaving. You may need to re-work your existing furnishings and decor to create a space that he’ll fall in love with at first site.

John Q. often sees the seller’s things rather than the home itself. It’s time to neutralize and de-clutter so that his eyes are naturally drawn to the desirable features in your home such as a fabulous fireplace, gorgeous granite countertops, or a handsome hardwood floor.

John Q. looks at the existing furniture to gauge the room’s scale and function. Even though your furnishings may not be for sale, make sure they work hard to reveal each room’s function, focal point, and best use of space (so, yes, you do need to remove the treadmill and playpen from the dining room!).

John Q. searches for ways to justify a lower offer. Don’t give him any ammunition. Prioritize and complete those tasks that will make the most impact on him before you put your home on the market. When he’s in your house, you’ve got a captive audience. Just make sure you show him that your home is well worth the cost of admission.

by: Tammy Kemp, First Impressions Home Staging and Interior redesign

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